Hafoti Timor-Leste

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HAFOTI is a non-government organisation based in Dili, Timor-Leste, which works with rural women from seven districts around the country to improve their income generation by supporting small business development. There are three main programmes run by HAFOTI: a training programme, a revolving credit fund, and the sale and distribution of member products.

The HAFOTI Shop in Dili stocks a range of locally made Timorese products, as well as HAFOTI member products. The income generated by the shop helps to support HAFOTI programmes.

HAFOTI members come from seven districts: Aileu, Bobonaro, Baucau, Liquica, Manufahi, Oecusse and Viqueque. The organization was first established in 2002 and there are around 200 members working in groups, and as individuals. The members of HAFOTI are women who run, or are in the process of establishing, small businesses making products that are sold in the districts and in the capital, Dili.

The HAFOTI secretariat is based in Dili and there are seven field staff who work in each of the districts where members are based. HAFOTI is governed by a board of elected members, and is supported by Timorese advisors and other organizations including Volunteer Service Abroad (New Zealand).

HAFOTI receives funding and support from one key donor: Caritas New Zealand .

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